"I’ve know Christine for over 5 years. We’ve had classes together, worked together on films and she has taped auditions for me. I’ve gotten callbacks from her tapings. She is a professional experienced actor who also happens to be blessed with the gift of teaching. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her children as well. I’m sure it is her expertise that has catapulted them to success! She has the training, work ethic and expertise needed in this industry to succeed. She definitely has a way with teaching children that captivates them and gives them the tools they need to succeed. We are very fortunate here in New Orleans that she is now sharing her expertise with others."
-Carol Ann Scruggs

"Christine is a long time student of mine, great actress and the mother of two excellent young actors. She really knows her stuff!"
-Jim Gleason

"Christine directed me for an tape audition; she picked up nuances that I would have never caught."
-CatieQuinn AndScarlett

"I have seen Christine take on acting some incredible roles and making them reality! She is a very nurturing person and will help your child improve in so many ways. I am so very excited to see this becoming a homeschool course because the arts are paramount to your child's brain development in all other areas of academia. You will not go wrong bringing your child to this program!"
-Karen Clark

"I went to Christine for slate shots and she was professional, extremely great to work with and she provided a quality product.  Christine understands the business of acting and knows exactly what actors need to achieve performance quality."
-Kim Baptiste

"Christine is brilliant and kind and super knowledgable when it comes to taping AND teaching. I've used her taping services multiple times and have a very high success rate with her. She has a professional set up, a fun and encouraging vibe, and a super keen sense of what works and what doesn't. I highly recommend her."
-Heather Jacoby

"Christine is extremely talented and wonderful with children. Anyone interested in acting can definitely benefit from her experience."
-Paul Catalanotto